Corona Student Tenant News – Edition No. 3


In response to the various Covid 19 developments, here is the latest update from Blue i:

Maintenance visits

Our website based “Report a Repair” service will continue but in order to protect our contractors the following must be adhered to:

  1. Any repair must be explained in enough detail so that Blue i can decide how we can best deal with the repair – explain over the phone what to do, email a YouTube video or send a contractor.
  2. Any potential unhealthy or ill tenant either with Covid symptoms (cough, sore throat, loss of smell/taste or headache) or waiting for a Covid test result or have been told to isolate due to a positive test result must communicate the situation to Blue i.
  3. Prior to the agreed time slot, the house must be well ventilated by opening the back door and windows.
  4. Once the Contractor – see the names of our principle contractors below – has arrived and has been let in, as he will not have a key, all tenants must isolate in their room:
  • Andy Daley – Plumber and Gas Safe Engineer
  • Cole Electrical – Electrician and Smoke Alarms
  • Ian Campbell – Locksmith and Joiner
  • Earl Hanson and Andy Barnes – Handymen

Note: All of our Contractors will wear masks and disposable gloves.


As we all know there has been a massive increase in individual usage will multiply demands from students and people working from home:

  1. Internet Usage – The reported changes are large with the average daily demand increasing 50% from 5 Tetrabits to 7.5 Tetrabits and evening demand increasing from the average of 13-14 Tetrabits to nearer 17 Tetrabits.
  2. Internet Load – This is putting huge strain on the internet system, which means that we will all have to deal with a slow internet with hanging and dropping at peak times for the foreseeable future. The best thing is to work when there are less people on the web early in the mornings before 9am and avoid peak times of 4pm to 9pm in the evening!
  3. Modem Speed increase – In preparation for this we have asked Virgin to increase all our property speeds to the next level up – 200Mbs has been increased to 350Mbs and 350Mbs has been increased to 500Mbs.

Note: There will be no increase in cost to you for this increase in speed

  1. Troubleshooting – You have a number of ways of sorting out problems with internet, normally Virgin, as it is the fastest:
  2. Service Status
  • Run tests on your services and kit
  • Check your area for network outages
  • Book an engineer appointment
  • Manage devices on your network
  • Sign up for updates via text or email
  • Replace your old or faulty kit
  1. How to Check your Broadband Speed
  2. Slow Wifi
  3. Virgin Wifi Connect App
  4. Telephone Virgin – If this does not work then you will need to ring Virgin on 03454 541 111 but be prepared to press 1 for , then # and your Account Number, then 20 (Area Reference), then 2 (Faults Technical) and finally 1 (Broadband). They will then test the line.

Note: If all else fails, ring Blue i and we will sort it out with Virgin.

  1. We are also installing repeaters and boosters in our properties, which either increases the range or boosts the Virgin modem signal.

NOTE: If you have an internet problem please get in touch and we will resolve it.

  1. Meanwhile, we need to obtain some feedback on your internet service and ask that you complete the attached form, which asks for the Internet wifi speed for each room at 9am, 12pm, pm and 6pm over a week. Please check the speed with

Once completed, please email the result back to

Office Visits

Although, we will be working from the office as normal from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, the doors will be closed, unless there is an emergency.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in all matters during this uncertain time and if there are any queries regarding the above or anything else please do not hesitate to ring us on 01332 371661 or email us at

Best wishes,
Blue i Team

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