Why Choose to Let

Whether you’re looking to build up a nest egg or simply boost your income, letting with a trusted agency is an effective way to secure the financial future you always envisaged.

Letting property is not for the faint hearted, but if you partner with an agency you can trust, who will be there to support you every step of the way, it can be an extremely rewarding endeavour.

Making the right financial move

At Blue i Properties, we get to understand our landlords, their reasons for choosing to let, and then we work alongside them to help secure that vision.

It doesn’t matter if you’re purposely building a portfolio, looking to boost your monthly income, or you simply want to supplement your mortgage while you’re waiting to sell, our dedicated team can advise and support you in making all the right moves — closely examining the rental property market to ensure your best interests.

Portfolio landlords

If you have more than one or two properties, you’re probably already — or at least considering — renting them out. If so, then partnering with an agency to help manage your portfolio and get tenants through the door could be the most sensible option.

This is especially the case for landlords without the proper market knowledge and experience of letting numerous properties across multiple locations. For a portfolio to become profitable, it needs to be expertly managed, maintained and nurtured as it grows, or else it runs the risk of turning into an unsustainable headache!

At Blue i Properties, we specialise in portfolio management, helping landlords across the UK and all over the world to rent out properties in the Derbyshire area. Our clients range from landlords with two to four properties, up to as many as twenty. No matter the size of your current portfolio, we can help it to flourish, taking care of all the important stuff as it continues to grow.

Accidental landlords

Not all landlords find themselves in the rental property market through choice. If you’re struggling to find a buyer, or a change in your circumstances sees you relocating, but you don’t want to sell your home, then partnering with an agency to find an ideal tenant could be a suitable alternative.

Renting out a property you can neither occupy or sell not only yields additional income but also allows you to build up equity in your house while invariably covering the mortgage. Furthermore, empty homes can rapidly fall into disrepair, resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs, as well as Council Tax of 100% after the first month — increasing to 150% after two years if still vacant.

At Blue i Properties, we specialise in helping homeowners who find themselves in such a stressful and challenging situation. Our expert team can best advise and support you in finding the perfect tenant for your property, taking care of all the important stuff, until the time is right for you to sell or move back home.

Choosing your letting agent

With so many available options for landlords to choose from, finding the best letting agent to meet your needs isn’t always straightforward. Given that your agency will be responsible for important financial and legal matters, as well as the provision and care of appropriate tenants for your property, you need to know they have the right knowledge and expertise.

While it makes perfect sense to use a letting agent that is located in the same area as the rental property, you also want to make sure they have a profound understanding of the local market itself. This is especially important when the market experiences huge paradigm shifts, the likes of which Derby is going through at the moment, to get the best outcome on your investment.

At the end of the day, letting is all about Location, Layout and the Law. Most importantly, it’s also about trust — finding an agency you can count on to look after your property, your tenants, and will be there to protect your own interests and exposure. At Blue i Properties, we pride ourselves on being that kind of agency, combining years of experience and expertise to give our landlords complete confidence in our services.

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Welcome to Blue i Properties, we have lots of property to rent in Derby - suitable for students, graduates and families.