Green i Environmental

We pride ourselves on being environmentally focussed, adopting greener ethics in everything we do, working towards increased sustainability for a better future.

Property Letting with Principles

Few things are more important than the sustainability of our natural world. As a responsible letting agent, we’re conscious of the impact that our properties can have on the environment. That’s why we’re constantly improving the way things are done, working to ensure our carbon footprint remains minimal while maximising the ways we can benefit the world around us.

In doing so, we’re not only able to maintain our own standards of environmental responsibility but also help our tenants and our landlords do the same. Action against climate change requires a global and united effort — and that’s what our Green Initiative is all about.

Our environmental credentials

Since 2013, we’ve been actively working with our landlords to reduce carbon emissions from the properties we let. Together Blue i Properties not only developing better and more energy-efficient homes for our tenants, we’re also creating cleaner, greener developments that benefit the environment in the following ways:

We all need to our utmost to reduce our individual Carbon Footprint and Blue i is supporting this global requirement in various ways with property insulation, home energy consumption and personal bicycle transportation.

Increasing the number of homes with sufficient loft insulation
Upgrading external wall insulation with every refurbishment

As of 2019, when the initiative first started, Blue i Properties has been a firm supporter of the Trees for Derby project. The scheme encourages local businesses and residences to tackle urban regeneration and plant 250,000 trees in Derby, as part of the UK target to plant 3 billion trees nationwide by the year 2050. This initiative helps simultaneously mitigate CO2 emissions while creating large areas of new native woodland integral to our wildlife.

Welcome to Blue i Properties
Welcome to Blue i Properties, we have lots of property to rent in Derby - suitable for students, graduates and families.