Our Landlord Services

Whether you need a little extra support or complete management of your property portfolio, we can provide a suitable level of service to meet your exact needs.

We understand that not all landlords require the same level of support.
That’s why we’ve developed a suite of letting packages to suit all our clients.

A fully comprehensive range of landlord services

It doesn’t matter if you are based locally or on the other side of the world, whether you have multiple properties or just the one, we provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of responsible and compliant landlords renting out properties in the Derby area.

For a complete breakdown of our letting packages, see below. Our friendly and knowledgable team is also on hand to listen, evaluate and advise on the best level of support to meet your exact needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

Fully Managed Service

Blue i Properties has the perfect solution for Landlords, who have limited time to manage their property, live away from Derby or for Landlords, who require help to manage their growing portfolio. Blue i look after every aspect of the property, starting with evaluation and marketing, providing recommendations for best results, to Virtual Tours and viewings, administration, finance and compliance. In other words, a complete and holistic service that removes all the stresses of managing your rental property. The list is extensive involving 34 landlord Property Management Services and 180 Property Management Sub Services, including:

An essential element of our Fully Managed Service includes strategic ongoing portfolio support, which involves wide ranging discussions about where your portfolio fits into local property trends:

Rent Collection Service

This service essentially means we will promote your property, arrange viewings, organise the AST contracts, manage all rental payments and transfer them to your bank account. In more detail, this involves the following:
As the landlord, you will be expected to liaise with tenants regarding the inventory, arranging periodic inspections and any repair issues with the property. This includes all problems that occur day or night. Emergency calls will be your responsibility.

Let Only Service

Ideal for landlords who require minimal support from a letting agency, our Let Only Service includes basic property management, without the added benefits of our consultancy, tenant liaison and ongoing inspection services.

If you are unsure whether this service package will provide the adequate level of support you need, get in touch to find out more. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will listen to your needs, then advise on the best level of support to suit you.

Scale of Fees

Services includedFully ManagedRent CollectedLet Only
Regular property maintenance and repairsX
Property floor plansX
Property staging for photographs but not cost of photography nor Virtual ToursX
Inventory administration only – see notes about costs below*X
Deposit Registration and Credit Referencing of TenantsX
Check In/ Check OutX
Emergency CoverX
Quarterly InspectionsX
Signing of Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) ContractXXX
Online Advertising Including Rightmove, On the Market and FacebookXXX
Property viewings – 6 free viewings included – additional £25/viewingXXX
“Right to Abode” identificationXXX
Rent CollectionXX
Tenancy RenewalXX
Serving Section 21 and Section 8 is included – tenant removal from the property is not included and must be implemented by the landlord and their legal team.X
Management Fees
Tenant Admin Fee – spread over 6 months @ £25/month once AST is signed£150/year£150/year
Tenant Admin Fee – invoiced to the “Let Only” Landlord, once AST is signed£150/year
** Letting Fee – individual or family – £250 Repairs Limit – includes VAT£240£240£432
** Letting Fee – Group 2 to 4 with one AST – £250 Repairs Limit – includes VAT£288£288£480
** Letting Fee – Group 5+ with one AST – £250 Repairs Limit – includes VAT£360£360£540
** Management Fee/month – Individual or family8%**N/A
** Management Fee/month – Group 2 – 4 with one AST contract11%**9%**N/A
** HMO Certified Management Fee/month – Group 5+ on 2 floors with one AST12%**10%**N/A
** HMO Certified Management Fee/month – Group 5+ on 3 floors with one AST16%**14%**N/A
Tenancy Renewals – includes VAT£84£84£84
Setting up Landlord’s Account (where applicable) – includes VAT£120£120£120
**Obtaining estimates and supervising Repair and Refurbishments**Repairs – 10% of cost**
Refurbishment – 12% of cost**

Please note that these fees are appraised at the beginning of every calendar year.

* The Inventory includes dated photographs, a property description, its furniture and furnishings and obtaining tenant’s signatures to comply with the Housing Act 2004. It is used to protect the landlord against disputes with the Deposit Protection Service and/or unscrupulous tenants. The inventory cost for a furnished house varies from £120 (1 bed) to £220 (6 bed). An unfurnished property varies from £70 (1 bedroom) to £130 (6 bedroom).

**Where Agents Management fees are stated in % terms they are exclusive of VAT.
For information only – Our Professional Indemnity Insurance is to the value of £1,000,000.

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We provide a full range of services to meet your exact needs.

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