Busy time welcoming new tenants


It has been a few weeks since my last introductory article about myself and Jaq being the new “Meeters and Greeters” at the Blue i office but it has been so busy with lots of people popping in for viewings, now that lectures have started again. It was quiet during the first part of January but the last week of January and February meant that we were getting up and down from our new basket, which is now in the middle of the office. The picture shows us having a bit of a relaxing moment from a busy Valentine morning welcoming people.

We are very surprised at all the activity and the lovely people that we have been seeing. They have all been very understanding about our white hairs and the fact that despite Maryvonne and Debbie removing all our hairs from the blue chairs, we do seem to leave quite a lot everywhere. We realise that jumping on to chairs is not really the done thing but how is one supposed to welcome people if you don’t jump on to the chair next door to them and offer up a paw of friendship. I am sure that you agree that there is nothing like a friendly paw at a time of uncertainty as house hunting can be really stressful.

What I must say is that whenever I give some body a paw they all shake it and give me a stroke. As far as I am concerned this is real friendship and both Jaq and I agree that this simple welcome helps calm everyone down for the viewings that they are going on. We also agree with the market research that patting us and giving us a stroke really helps the wellbeing in this stressful world we live in.

One thing though that Jaq and I are a bit upset about is the biscuit tin. It has some very nice chocolate, shortbread and ginger nut biscuits in it and when they are passed around to visitors, we are never included. We think that as part of the European Dog Rights legislation we should be included in the sharing of tasty morsels. I must dash .. take care and do pop in for chat, a pat and a friendly paw… they are all good for the soul and we love them.

Woof, woof..
Chip and Jaq

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