Fire Precautions For Your Rental Property


One of the many challenges involved with preparing a house for letting is how much does one spend on fitting it out with fire protection and fire safety.

There are of course rules and regulations for every type and size of flat or house and the number of people living there but sometimes the alarms and equipment are not checked nor tested as often as they should be.

From experience we suggest to all our landlords it is best to have as much fire detection and fire safety equipment as possible, in even the smallest of houses.

Smoke Alarms For Your Rental Property in Derby Blue i properties

This equipment always involves smoke and fire detection units, a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in the kitchen and can mean that they are fitting the house in excess of what the law demands but tenant’s safety is the priority. This was brought home to when we heard of a fire, where the alarm was raised by the RCD tripping.

The danger of fire is a very real threat for all of us and although the chance of a fire is small due to fire regulations and the quality of electrical and gas appliances, we know that they do occur. We test our certified HMO houses every week, with regular alarm tests carried out in our non HMO registered properties.

It is in cases like this that good equipment and tight management control can make a huge difference to life and as the adverts on the side of fire engines say .. “an alarm without a battery is no alarm”.

We suggest that as a new year’s resolution check if you have bleeping alarm in any of your properties. The lesson here is that one can never have enough safety systems in a property.

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