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Blue i Properties will point out all of the pitfalls and your potential exposure before you start on your journey. We take huge pride in helping people take their first steps in the letting market and are constantly being called upon by seasoned landlords, who do not have such a close finger on the lettings market pulse and need guiding as to what needs to be done. We are able to help because of our experience and being able to “third party” engage with the tenants.

Guiding landlords through the exposure minefield is a day to day occurrence for us but it is not something most house owners think about when they set out on their exciting landlord journey. Everyone is aware of the responsibility of the need to pay the mortgage but there are many other areas, which property owners have to bear in mind. This includes the ever changing area of legislation, which puts huge responsibilities on the landlord. Here is a short list of some of the areas Blue i Properties can help with:

  • Using the correct AST – Assured Shorthold Tenancy.
  • Installation of the correct alarms in the right places.
  • Valid property certification.
  • Correct and valid insurance for Buildings and Contents, even when empty and Third Party insurance, in case the tenants decide to sue you.
  • Checking of the recent legislation of tenants’ “Right to Abode” documentation.
  • Insurance against non-payment of rent.
  • Deposit management.

As mentioned in the Guide to Letting above, a knowledgeable letting agent like Blue i Properties will be a huge boon to you but a wrong one can cause you unimaginable financial, legal and emotional headaches. As we have already mentioned do take care, do your homework and remember letting is all about three key words – Location, Layout and the Law. Choose with care and make sure you speak to Blue i Properties before you take any decision.

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