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As a renowned Property Management Company, we have grown our reputation to be known for providing an efficient fast and reliable services in managing properties for all our landlords.
With the use of our social platforms which supports us in the process of advertising our properties, Our tenant’s personal requirements and expectations can easily be met within a short space of time as we provide a broad range of homes and accommodations for students, professionals, families, graduates and undergraduates.

We also incorporate Platforms such as Rightmove, On The Market and Blue I Properties website in order to advertise our properties. Because of this, we have had continues success in viewing a new property, advertising the property on the market and have people book to view the property within the time period of a week.

Engaging with our tenants through the use of social media platforms has also helped with increasing our customer satisfaction. This has had a positive effect as word of mouth from our current tenants about our services has pushed others into acquiring a home with Blue I Properties.



Our excellent service alone is one of the driven force that continues to drive people to view our properties within 24hrs as we update property information on our websites and add new information to give our viewers an experience of the property before deciding to view the property and after viewing the property with the use of our virtual tour.

With over 50 years of experience in this industry, Blue I properties has grown to be known as Derby friendliest letting agent with our current tenants letting us know we would be their first property management company to go to within Derby if they require a new home as they do not receive the same problem their friends and family have had to go through with other property management company.

With such positive feedback coming back from our current tenants and landlords, Blue I property future as the go to property management company to manage your property and rent a property within Derby seem secured.



These great inclusive deals are on a first come first served so please give us a ring on 01332 371661 or get in touch via email or come into our office on Ashbourne Road opposite the energie fitness gym to save lots of money and arrange a viewing. Let us know your budget and we will see what package we can design specifically for you.

Blue I - What new and Inexperienced Landlords should Know

Do your research

Apart from understanding your responsibility and duties as a landlord, it is a vital to have a solid foundation of knowledge on property value, affordability, rental incomes and the type of tenants your targeting in order to ensure a reliable rental income.

Think with your head, Not your Hearth

You could lose your job, or something could change that will impact your income, but if you have a two or three-bedroom property, you can always rent out a room. That can help tide you over if there’s a financial situation. 


Join the NLA

The NLA has a wealth of resources, including an online library and the advice line. Despite being a millennial and sourcing much information from social channels such as YouTube, people always recommended the NLA as an organisation to join. The NLA’s explanation of Section 21 and its effect on my portfolio is incredibly useful, and its campaign to halt the ban of section 21 is really important for landlords everywhere. The NLA advised on which insurance provider to use. Try going on some of their courses and improving your skillset further with the help of the NLA.

Click here for more information on the NLA:

Budget well

It's surprising how much everything costs once you have bought a house. If you run all the numbers in a spreadsheet, you will realise that you have council tax and water bills, locks that need changing and more. Costs mount up quickly. We would advice a bigger buffer than you allowed. Run the numbers carefully and then add an extra £2000.

Advertise Widely

Rightmove and Zoopla are the UK's two biggest property sites. At least 2.6 million people view properties on them every day. To reach as many tenants as possible, you need to be on both these sites. Some agent only advertises with one of this which means missing out on a huge part of the market so choose your agent wisely. Research all the extra effort the agent has done into advertising other properties such as investment in virtual Tour. 


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This article outlines the new Blue i landlord brochure which goes a long way to satisfying all the questions, which any landlord would want to know about choosing a letting agent, how to prepare their house for letting and a lot more besides. The brochue outlines Blue i Porperties letting process and shows why landlords choose to use Blue i.

Condensation and damp are some of those problems that many, especially old, properties have. Along with this there is of course the re-occurring mould problem, which for the increasing number of asthmatic and allergy prone 20+’s can be a serious problem. This article outlines some of the ways that these problems can be overcome such as keeping the house slightly heated at all times and having extraction ventilators in all wet rooms.

 Since the days have got slightly longer there has been an increase in theft at properties that Blue i manage. This article outlines some of the important basics that landlords and tenants can do to avoid being the victims of theft.

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