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Ten steps to finding your home

In order to help you we have produced a small booklet called “Our ten essential steps to finding your student pad” and it is free to everyone who pops into our offices. Here are the ten steps we suggest that everyone reads when they are looking for accommodation:

  1. Knowing who you are going to live with.
  2. Decide what you are looking for.
  3. Choosing your letting agency.
  4. Inspecting the property internally.
  5. Inspecting the property externally.
  6. Paying the deposits.
  7. Signing the AST.
  8. Checking the Inventory.
  9. Having the necessary certificates.
  10. Selecting your bedroom.


Hints and tips

There are lots of hints and tips in our booklet mentioned above but here are some key ones:

  • Selection of your house will make a huge difference to your life. It is crucial to get the right area, close to amenities with good road communications and so the best thing is read our booklet (free to everyone) before you start. This way you will know what sort of questions to ask when viewing.
  • Be careful of chit chat and the pressured sales pitch from some people. If you feel uncomfortable with what you are being pressed into, then ask for more time.
  • Make sure that everyone visits the house before you decide to sign the contract.
  • Don’t look at lots of houses at the same time, as your brain will forget what you have seen after the 3rd or 4th.
  • Never forget that bad, damp poorly kept houses mean tight, difficult landlords and good letting agents should not represent difficult landlords.
  • Ask about average call out times for repairs and how often there are inspections. Blue i Properties carries out inspections at Christmas with prizes for the top scores and at Easter when the prizes are Easter Eggs.
  • Choose a lead tenant, who is a good communicator, fair, is organised and keeps their own room clean and tidy.
  • Research into who are the cheapest and best energy providers. They are all pretty much of a muchness and set up direct debits from the onset in order to avoid late payment fees. Consider an inclusive rent and take all the hassle out of organising the utilities.
  • Be careful to stay away from Glide, as they are very expensive.
  • Have fun looking and if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true. If in doubt ring Blue i Properties for some sound, transparent, helpful advice.

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