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Reading articles on letting property one could think that it is quite easy – buy a house, paint it, find an agent and watch the rent come in. Many of these articles in the national papers are written by journalists based in London and the South East, which is almost a completely different country when it comes to letting. They have had massive equity gains over the past 20 years, which the rest of the country have not had. Although they have higher rents they have lower ROI than here in Derby.

Certainly when we started in lettings with our first house in 1979 it was relatively simple to let property. Lots has changed since then and so our first guiding word is take care, do your homework, make sure you speak to people, who know what they are talking about and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

When there are huge paradigm shifts in markets, such as what Derby is going through at the moment, it is crucial to obtain solid information. At Blue i Properties we consider that the local Derby market is changing more now than at any time in the last generation, due to the following fundamental cultural, economic and technical changes:


  • Lots more competition from PBA (Purpose Built Accommodation) new builds funded by external institutional pension funds and foreign investors who are all looking for better returns than the very low % rates from saving accounts in banks.
  • Derby missed the last City Living explosion but this time it is happening on a huge scale.
  • New legislation with increased responsibilities for landlords and agents around service and Health & Safety, caused by the poor reputation of the sector in the past.
  • Social Media has firmly moved the power from the landlord into the hands of the tenant.


The conclusion is that a good, knowledgeable letting agent like Blue i Properties will be a huge boon to you and will make you £000’s. A poor one will cause you unimaginable headaches. Please remember letting is all about three key words all beginning with L  – Location, Layout and the Law. Choose with care and make sure you speak to Blue i Properties before you take any decision.

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