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My first Fitness Pilates class at Energie Fitness - Derby

My first Fitness Pilates class at Energie Fitness - Derby
I have been going to Energie Fitness for the past 4 months, starting soon after it opened, as it just across the road from the Blue i offices. Initially I concentrated on all the machines like the Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Bicycle and Rowing machine but then I felt that I wanted a change. I decided to try some of the Pilates and Gym classes that they run in the Studio at the back of the brand new and well-equipped gym.
The idea was to help with my flexibility, improve my core and increase my joint strength, plus some overall fitness. It was with some trepidation that I appeared on Tuesday at about 6.45pm for the 7pm class and as there was no one else around d I did a few minutes warming up on the treadmill. At 6.55 a lot of much younger people started trickling in and so armed with one of the foam gym mats I walked in with six ladies and two gentlemen, all of them at least half my age if not a third!
The instructor, called Ness started us of with some questions about “did anybody have any injuries” and that the class was going to be gentle much to my relief! Fortunately my previous exercise at the gym stood me in good stead but certainly some of the balancing exercises were a bit hit and miss as standing on one leg and pointing the other to the front, side and back was easier said than done!
I had very little time to watch what other people were doing but all of them seemed to be getting the hang of the arched back, Leg circle, the Leg Stretching and various exercise based on the Plank, which really got my arms aching.
Gradually the hour ticked by and I was quite glad when it came to the end and I could relax. My muscles did not seem to be too overstretched and the following day helped by a protein drink with my bowl of porridge for breakfast everything seemed to be OK. I am looking forward to next Tuesday to see what happens then and certainly if you want to strengthen your core and all the other things mentioned above, there is plenty of space in the Studio. The monthly cost is reduced for Students and in order to help our tenants, Blue i pays part of the joining fee. We hope to see you soon so come along and join the fun… more class details are here


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