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Jaq and Chip welcomes new tenants in record time.

Jaq and Chip welcomes new tenants in record time.
What a lovely surprise. We welcomed a new tenant to the Blue i family recently, all the way from the Czech Republic. Not only do they love dogs, but they teach Hatha Yoga and as you all know we are big into exercise, eating well, running around and with William has just started Yoga at Energie Fitness it all fitted together.
Well this new tenant was a complete surprise, as Klara was due to arrive at 11o’clock but she arrived early as they had a very full day ahead of her. Klara and her mother Blanca had driven from the Czech Republic a few days previously and were staying in a local hotel, until they were able to find some where for Klara to live, whilst she studied for her degree at the University of Derby.
Her English was excellent having worked and studied in the UK before and so this helped her make a very quick decision about a lovely furnished flat on Stanley Street. I got to hear about it when they came back to sign all the paperwork in the office and her mother Blanca just made me feel so good with lots of lovely hugs and strokes.
Both Jaq and I went up to greet them when they came in but Jaq soon disappeared back into our basket near the electric heater – he is so much the basket potato. Anyway, it allowed me to continue “meeting and greeting” Klara and Blanca. I followed them into the main office and once coffees had been organised, I was invited up on to Blanca’s chair, which was a bit of a squeeze as you can see in the photo.
I was in seventh heaven as she even liked my licks. They have two Alsatians and a Pug at home and as they were already missing them, they made it up with giving me lots of strokes and in return I gave them lots of licks. I don’t what it was but Blanca certainly had a way of calming me down with her pats as she found my sweet spot. It could of course be something to do with her teaching Yoga. The only problem was that as I am moulting, quite a lot of white hair got on her clothes, but she did not seem to mind.
All the paperwork seemed to be done much quicker than normal. It must have been the quickest tenancy on record as whilst I was being patted by Blanca, William answered Klara’s questions and Debbie sorted out the Tenancy Agreement. I gather from the bits of conversation I picked up that from initially meeting to view the flat at 9.30 to signing the documents and leaving with the keys it was only 2 hours! Quite amazing, it must be a Guinness Book of Records and just in time for Klara to leave and get to her first lecture at midday. They were so pleased that they had found a nice place but secretly I think they were even more pleased by our meeting and greeting. In fact when Jaq and I were chatting about it later, we reckon that we sealed the deal with our welcoming.
I was quite exhausted by all the rushing and greeting and so after they left, I went back to our basket, which had been kept warm by Jaq. I can see the advantages of this Yoga stuff, if it makes you as calm as I felt after Blanca’s special stroking and patting. I need to get some more information on this as I think my wellbeing rating went up quite considerably this morning.
Before I sign off please don’t forget. as much exercise as time permits, eat lots of veg and fruit and now a sprinkling of Yoga from one of Energie Fitness’ classes and your wellbeing will certainly improve.
Woof, woof and until the next time…
Chip and Jaq.
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