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Meet Our Blue i Family: Debbie Collins

Meet Our Blue i Family: Debbie Collins
So, Debbie, how long have you worked for Blue i?
“I’m a new member of staff so I’ve only been here for a couple of months. It’s really lovely.
It can be intense while you’re here but it’s nice to do a normal nine-to-five job.
I used to work at the airport, and a hotel too, but the hours were crazy.”

I was told that you do acting, how did you get into that?
“I’ve always wanted to do acting but dance took over my life.
When I was 36, I went to university as a mature student and did dance and theatre studies here at Derby.
I joined an amateur group, so I’ve been able to combine my dance background with acting. We do panto and I get to do all of the choreography for the dance numbers.
I just like being on stage.”

How long have you been dancing and acting?
“I started dancing when I was seven or eight, so I’ve always been on the stage.
Now I’m a bit older, the dance side of things isn’t as easy, but I can do the choreography and I enjoy it.”

Is your family involved in acting?
“We were in a group.
My husband used to be stage manager, so he did all of the props and scenery, my sister was the wardrobe mistress, so she made all of our costumes, my son did all of the lighting and he also used to perform, and my daughter performed too.
The whole family got roped in whether they wanted to or not.”

How have you found it? Balancing acting and dance with your job?
“Easy here.
With it being nine-to-five, I can just get on with it.
Wednesday night’s rehearsal night and so it’s the only night that I can’t stay late at work.
I live quite close, so I can be home by quarter past five, walk my dog, and be back by six to do panto planning.”

And have you got any upcoming projects?
“On December 7 and 8 and 14 and 15, our group is performing ‘The Snow Queen’ pantomime at John Port School in Etwall.
We’re doing performances on Friday night, a Saturday matinee, and Saturday night on both weekends.”
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