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Chip's Chatters

Chip's Chatters
 Jaq and Chip – sitting on the front chairs in the Blue i office on Ashbourne Road
My name is Chip, on the right in the photo sitting on the chairs in the Blue i office and my older brother is Jaq on the left and together
we are the most recent additions to the Blue i family.
We’re two loveable Staffie-Crosses and we both have white coats but I’m slightly bigger than Jaq. Having white fur means that we
might occasionally shed a few hairs that can show up on black leggings or trousers, but it’s not too bad as it brushes off very easily.
William and Maryvonne adopted us from the Just for Dogs Rescue Centre in Brailsford, which they’ve supported for almost 30 years.
This means that we don’t know exactly how old we are, but we think that I’m about nine -years-old and that Jaq is about ten.
Although I am nine years old, this means I am about 56 years old in human years but despite my age I still rush around like a puppy
of nine months!

  We’re probably the first faces people see when they come into the Blue i office on Ashbourne Road and we like to greet everyone
enthusiastically. I’m more extroverted and outgoing, we’re both very friendly and love to meet new people.
We especially get a lot of young people coming into the office and I usually put on a show for them. This is mainly because they
give us a lot of strokes, tummy rubs, and tickles and these young people can’t resist our big doe eyes and floppy ears. If we sit
patiently and look up at them, they sometimes give us a bit of their biscuit.
Whenever someone comes through the front door, I’ll always rush out from under Maryvonne’s desk to greet them, tail wagging.
Jaq normally pokes his head out and follows behind, but he likes our cosy basket. He’s always been a bit of a couch potato.
Jaq will usually curl up on a chair and go to sleep, leaving white hairs which William has to brush off. This meeting and greeting
tires Jaq out but I can’t get enough of it.
Anyway that is all for the time being and I will try and get something else written when I get an idea. The fact is that I do a lot of
rushing around and so much of my thinking is about getting exercise and getting to know people, oh and eating. I love eating and
so does Jaq but more of that in my next blog.
Woof, woof from us both,
Chip and Jaq.
Chip Barron
Blue i Properties
December 6th 2018

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