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Save on living costs in private accommodation

Save on living costs in private accommodation
The decision as to where to live after halls of residence is always tricky. There are so many facets involved and everyone has their own take on it. We have just taken some 2nd year students around some very nice three bedroom houses and they have all been in halls and talk about the noise, the control and the mess. They also talked about being in control of their own destiny and of course the reduced cost, which can be substantial.
The fact remains that for the first year at university, halls of residence is an ideal way to make friends, create new social groups, learn about oneself and all about the city. Sharing a property is the beginning of a new chapter including dealing with the habits of other people.
There seems to be a massive difference with the behaviour of first and second years, with the discovery of where the boundaries are. Stories of loud behaviour in halls is fine for when one has left home but begins to pale in your 2nd year and even worse in your 3rd year when the work level really ramps up and silence becomes an absolute necessity. Based on your huge investment it is really important to select some friends, who understand the pressures, like the same things as you be it food, music, films or going out or staying in.
Taking pot luck on who lives on the same floor is not really on when so much is at stake, so do take care and choose a property, which is comfortable, well maintained and in the right location for your campus. Choose an agency who listens to your needs and knows intimately the properties they are going to show you, making sure that you go with an agency, who will give you the service you deserve. This includes not just good maintenance of things like boilers and a shoulder to cry on if need be, but people who are a bit OCD about cleanliness and who dislike mouldy walls. Sufficient to say that Blue i has a reputation of caring about the individual and a little fanatical about our houses being somewhere where we would be quite happy to live ourselves. Pop into our offices, meet our official Staffy Cross “meeters and greeters” Jaq and Chip and talk to the team of Debbie, Diane, Maryvonne, Lisa and William about how we can best answer your requirements. Please hurry though as houses are going quicker this year than ever before. Take care and best wishes… it is a bit of a minefield out there!

5 Tips to Stay Warm on a Budget

5 Tips to Stay Warm on a Budget
 With temperatures plummeting and snow forecast, it’s important to stay warm now more than ever. But you’re probably on a budget and heating isn’t cheap.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on central heating to keep yourself warm through this cold spell, we at Blue i have put together a few tips on how to stay warm on a budget.
  1. Get moving
While your first instinct when cold weather strikes might be to go into hibernation, moving around will warm you up.
Whether you decide to exercise or clean your flat, a workout naturally raises your body temperature and gets your blood pumping.
  1. Get Cooking
A good meal can make you feel warmer.
Eating foods that are high in protein and iron and healthy fats can help you to keep warm in the winter months.
Also, the heat from the hob or oven when you’re cooking should heat you up a bit.
  1. Layers!
This might seem like an obvious one, but layering clothes can go a long way in combatting the cold.
You may be tempted to reach for a comfy jumper or dressing gown but wearing multiple thinner layers of clothing has been scientifically proven to better insulate your body against cold weather.
Warm air gets trapped between the layers acting as an insulator so forget about how ridiculous you may look and layer up!
  1. Snuggle up with a hot water bottle
Invest in a hot water bottle.
You can get one for less than a fiver and once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy a hot water bottle sooner.
  1. Don’t forget, we’re here to help
You’re probably going to want to turn your heating on at some point and we at Blue i are here to make sure you can.
If you’re having problem with your central heating, you can easily report a repair through .

Blue i 2018 - Looking Back

Blue i 2018 - Looking Back
Blue i 2018: A Look Back on An Amazing Year

2018 was a great year for us at Blue i Properties, we saw a lot of positive changes. Perhaps the biggest change is that we moved. We were previously located on Stanley Street, but we are now at 30a Ashbourne Road in Derby. Feel free to pop in and see us any time if you have a query and if you do happen to drop by, you’ll get a chance to meet our three newest employees.

We welcomed Debbie Collins into our Blue i family, whose bubbly personality has been a great addition to the office. We also hired two new greeters: Chip and Jaq. These two loveable Staffie Crosses have become the first faces people see when they come into the Blue i office and they like to greet everyone enthusiastically. And we have continued to uphold our promise to deliver comfort and security to our tenants.

Prompt and proper maintenance is something that we at Blue i Properties pride ourselves on and we know that this is very important to our tenants. Be it a leaky tap, mould and mildew, or a broken boiler; you can easily report a repair through the easy-to-use system on our website.

We hold ourselves to a high standard at Blue i and the quality of our properties reflects that so in 2018, we also undertook major renovations on several of our properties. We completely refurbished five properties - two houses and three flats (photos to follow) - and you can also look out for our new signs.

We are forward-looking at Blue i so we have updated our signage for the new year. And going into next year, we want to keep growing. We are looking to welcome more landlords into our Blue i family and expand our professional and graduate properties. Overall, 2018 was an amazing year and we are looking forward to 2019.

Chip's Chatters

Chip's Chatters
 Jaq and Chip – sitting on the front chairs in the Blue i office on Ashbourne Road
My name is Chip, on the right in the photo sitting on the chairs in the Blue i office and my older brother is Jaq on the left and together
we are the most recent additions to the Blue i family.
We’re two loveable Staffie-Crosses and we both have white coats but I’m slightly bigger than Jaq. Having white fur means that we
might occasionally shed a few hairs that can show up on black leggings or trousers, but it’s not too bad as it brushes off very easily.
William and Maryvonne adopted us from the Just for Dogs Rescue Centre in Brailsford, which they’ve supported for almost 30 years.
This means that we don’t know exactly how old we are, but we think that I’m about nine -years-old and that Jaq is about ten.
Although I am nine years old, this means I am about 56 years old in human years but despite my age I still rush around like a puppy
of nine months!


Meet Our Blue i Family: Debbie Collins

Meet Our Blue i Family: Debbie Collins
So, Debbie, how long have you worked for Blue i?
“I’m a new member of staff so I’ve only been here for a couple of months. It’s really lovely.
It can be intense while you’re here but it’s nice to do a normal nine-to-five job.
I used to work at the airport, and a hotel too, but the hours were crazy.”


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