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5 Tips to Stay Warm on a Budget

5 Tips to Stay Warm on a Budget
 With temperatures plummeting and snow forecast, it’s important to stay warm now more than ever. But you’re probably on a budget and heating isn’t cheap.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on central heating to keep yourself warm through this cold spell, we at Blue i have put together a few tips on how to stay warm on a budget.
  1. Get moving
While your first instinct when cold weather strikes might be to go into hibernation, moving around will warm you up.
Whether you decide to exercise or clean your flat, a workout naturally raises your body temperature and gets your blood pumping.
  1. Get Cooking
A good meal can make you feel warmer.
Eating foods that are high in protein and iron and healthy fats can help you to keep warm in the winter months.
Also, the heat from the hob or oven when you’re cooking should heat you up a bit.
  1. Layers!
This might seem like an obvious one, but layering clothes can go a long way in combatting the cold.
You may be tempted to reach for a comfy jumper or dressing gown but wearing multiple thinner layers of clothing has been scientifically proven to better insulate your body against cold weather.
Warm air gets trapped between the layers acting as an insulator so forget about how ridiculous you may look and layer up!
  1. Snuggle up with a hot water bottle
Invest in a hot water bottle.
You can get one for less than a fiver and once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy a hot water bottle sooner.
  1. Don’t forget, we’re here to help
You’re probably going to want to turn your heating on at some point and we at Blue i are here to make sure you can.
If you’re having problem with your central heating, you can easily report a repair through .
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